Watchmen (2009)

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Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece gets a new trailer from the British Film Institute.

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Halloween II (1981)

Pretty much the laziest first sequel of the three slashers.

Halloween II is set right after the first Halloween, where while Sheriff Brackett and Dr. Loomis hunt for Michael Myers, a traumatized Laurie is rushed to hospital, and the serial killer is not far behind her.

It’s just so dull and boring, and I think it adds nothing to the franchise save for that one thing about Michael Myers’ family history. But then again, it also seemed like writer John Carpenter pulled that shit out of his ass at the same time. However, I accept the twist either way so I’ll consider it a highlight of the movie, alongside that admittedly awesome ending. But because Jamie Lee Curtis is unconscious during most of the movie, and Donald Pleasence (Loomis) is literally going crazy searching for Michael, we’re dealing with a third subplot of uninteresting nurses. A huge disappointment for me because I really liked the first one. I think I’ll keep it anyway though.


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