In sixteen months of acting, he left a more lasting impression on the public than many stars do in thirty years. - Henry Ginsberg

His film career was one of the most brilliant and one of the most spectacularly brief in history. He was more like a comet than a star. - Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

To me, the only success, the only greatness for a man is immortality. To have your work remembered in history, to leave something in this world that will last for centuries… that’s greatness. - James Dean (Feb. 8, 1931 - Sept. 30, 1955)

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Almost 15 minutes of just Jessica singing.

No matter what has happened and what will happen in the future we will continue to support you and the other members.

Twist the bones and bend the back 
Trim him of his baby fat 
Give him fur black as black

Just like This

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Seohyun’s reaction when Tiffany praised her for “Only U” lyrics

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yeah sure wish we had a key


yeah sure wish we had a key

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